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Sidekicks Dojang Location

Where is Sidekicks Dojang Location?

San Diego Sidekicks Dojang location is next door to the supermarket in Alta View Shopping Center, zip code 92139.  Sidekicks Dojang location is right where it has been for the past 28 years.  (In fact, Sidekicks has been there longer than Ralph’s!)  San Diego Sidekicks is one of Southern California’s longest running same location martial arts schools.


Sidekicks Dojang location in Alta View is convenient. Parents love that there is plenty of parking, there is currently a pizza shop next door, and there’s a mani pedi place a few doors down.  Sometimes, GMO will send a group of mom’s over to get their nails done, while their kids are in class.  That’s just one of the many thoughtful ways that GMO naturally connects with the Sidekicks families. He’s also been known to take a class of students next door to Ralph’s to purchase flower bouquets for all of their grandmom’s or mom’s.


What does Dojang mean?

Dojang is a Korean term for the place where a martial arts practice is performed and practiced.  It can be used for the name of the martial arts studio. The Dojang represents an area where the tenants of Taekwondo are developed, both physically and morally, and these principles are upheld for both the students and the teacher.

What makes a place a Dojang?

A Dojang is a formal dedicated practice place for martial arts of Taekwondo and some other martial arts forms.  It’s usually customary to bow upon entering and leaving the area of the Dojang. Sidekicks Dojang location is a space for growth and learning when all who are present, respect and adhere to the sacredness of the space.

What Happens in Sidekicks Dojang?

In the Sidekicks Dojang, all parents, grandparents, and family members who enter the Dojang become a part of the learning experience.  The lessons learned at Sidekicks Dojang are always lessons for everyone present.

Learning Experiences:

GMO encourages families to continue the conversation from class on the way home, to connect and re-connect with each other in a more meaningful way.  Each class with GMO becomes a memorable lesson applied to life.

Inside of Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy, the principles  hang on the walls, as a reminder to all who enter, that the Academy upholds and continually works on developing the tenants of Courtesy, Self Control, Integrity, Indomitable Spirit, and with Perseverance, the result will be Victory!

Front Row Seating:

There’s plenty of front row seating at Sidekicks Dojang, because GMO wants, in fact he insists for the parents to be there, present, and paying attention to the class that their kids are in, so that the class becomes a family learning experience.

Sidekicks Grandmaster Orange lets everyone take part in the learning, and without putting one person on the spot, (and sometimes while doing so!) the lesson sinks in for everyone in the Dojang to have a learning moment.

Prominently inside Sidekicks Dojang, hangs the Sidekicks Orange School Emblem, symbolizing the principles of the academy. It represents the six belt colors, and the color orange is symbolic of the Orange Family name.  Six leaves on the palm trees, represent that GMO is the sixth born child in his family.  American and Korean flags, are represented on either side of the ocean.

There’s a Sidekicks Dojang Location in Jamaica?!

Yes. Sidekicks Jamaica was started in 1985, when Master Orange took a visit to Jamaica.  He traveled to Jamaica to see what the Taekwondo classes were like there.  Master Orange was pleasantly surprised to find a thriving interest in the practice of martial arts, with many students eager, disciplined, and dedicated to learn and advance in Taekwondo.  Master Orange found that they needed support with the structure of classes, and the teaching method.

Once Master Orange was able to train a few of the Jamaica instructors, he appointed them in charge of running the Sidekicks Jamaica locations.  For many years, Mr. Delroy McDowell served as senior instructor of Sidekicks Jamaica.  Maurice Orange visited Jamaica annually, to provide support with the association.

GMO still is in continual contact and provides ongoing coaching and support for the Jamaica Sidekicks Dojang locations.  You can read more about GMO and Sidekicks Dojang location in Jamaica.

Jamaica Sidekicks Academy

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