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Sidekicks Taekwondo Style

What is Sidekicks Taekwondo Style?

Sidekicks Taekwondo Style is a holistic approach to progressing students physically and mentally. Sidekicks Taekwondo  develops the use of kicking and hand techniques.  Hence, Sidekicks students cultivate great striking strength.

Sidekicks Taekwondo forms consist of seven sections of physical training.  These are developed to improve students physically and mentally. Thus, these skills are the basis of Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy requirements for grading and rank promotion. You can view Sidekicks Forms in action here on Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy You Tube Channel Forms Playlist.

The Sidekicks Taekwondo forms were written by Grandmaster Maurice Orange during 1989-1991.  GMO developed these forms to evolve the Sidekicks students experience of Taekwondo.

Are you interested to find out if Sidekicks Taekwondo is a good fit for your child?  If so, please complete the application here to schedule a meeting with Grandmaster Orange.

  • BASICS – elements of hand and arm motion

  • KICKS – elements of foot and leg motion

  • FITNESS – evidence of physical fitness

  • FORMS – individual actions

  • ONE STEP – practical use of combat techniques

  • SPARRING – relative free combat action

  • BREAKING – provides evidence of power


Certainly, Taekwondo can be learned by everyone young or old, male or female. Sidekicks Instructors are good at guiding each student along, supporting their individual progress.

Many people know that Taekwondo is one of the most effective methods of self defense.  However, did you know that Taekwondo builds self confidence, assists with physical and mental co-ordination, and provides relaxation?

As a result, Sidekicks Taekwondo is extremely good exercise for the entire body. It keeps one trim and fit!

Sidekicks Taekwondo offers a variety of benefits to children beginning as young as age five. Taekwondo students gain a keen sense of individual accomplishment, almost lacking in team sports.

Children taking taekwondo develop improved poise, confidence and self-discipline.  As a result, the positive effects of taekwondo carry over to their home life and school work.

What is the typical progress for a student at Sidekicks Taekwondo ?

Each new Sidekicks student starts out slowly and progresses at their own rate and speed. There is no typical progression.  As a result, each student learns as an individual. Sidekicks Instructors are well versed and experienced in teaching students at their individual levels.  You can learn more about the instructors at Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy here on the Instructors page.


Sidekicks Taekwondo Classes are for kids five-years-old and up. Classes are taught by Grandmaster Orange and his community of Taekwondo  instructors.

Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy now has many second generation students enrolled.  That means their parents were students at Sidekicks. Even educators from the past 20 years stop by to visit GMO at Sidekicks in Alta View.

Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy has a waiting list of kids under age 5 who are lined up to enroll, once they reach the minimum age for taekwondo classes.

Classes at Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy include:

  • Taekwondo Classes for Kids
    Home to many second generation students, Sidekicks is a community. It’s a place to build character, learn self discipline, and practice self control.As a result, each class with GMO creates opportunity for family bonding and personal self development.
  • Taekwondo Classes for Teens
  • Taekwondo Classes for Adults
    Sidekicks Instructors guide each student along while supporting their individual progress.

Do girls practice Taekwondo?

Yes! A lot of girls practice Taekwondo. Young girls can learn to practice Taekwondo. In fact, girls outnumber boys in Sidekicks Taekwondo classes. Girls that take Sidekicks Taekwondo classes typically are very good Taekwondo students. Most noteworthy, they are good at following the instruction and thus, often advance faster than the boys. This is a fact that GMO has observed over the 35 + years that he has been teaching Kids Taekwondo classes.

Girls from age 5 can be quite good at Taekwondo! 

Here on the Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy You Tube Channel, are many videos of girls practicing Taekwondo.

Can women learn to practice Taekwondo?

Yes, definitely.  Sidekicks Taekwondo classes allow women to emphasize their innate physical strengths. Women naturally have lots of leg power.  Sidekicks Taekwondo classes help them to access and harness their intrinsic strength. For that reason, learning and practicing Taekwondo as a woman, is an excellent method of physical self-development.

You can check out a few videos here from Sidekicks Martial Arts students in action.


Students competing at taekwondo tournaments get the chance to perform in new environments.  Consequently, they meet new people and make friends with students from other martial art schools. Most noteworthy, they get to see advanced black belt competition in action. And above all, students who compete, get to win trophies.

Students of all ages and ranks participate in competitions. Participants  are divided by rank, gender and height. Consequently, all participants are fairly matched.  Most importantly, they are competing with contenders of similar experiences and skill.

Taekwondo tournament divisions are meant to be small with friendly competition. Tournament hosts and judges ensure that all participants enjoy themselves and are judged fairly. Judges are specially-trained to conduct their divisions efficiently. They enforce all tournament rules, hence keeping the competition fair and ensuring that no one is injured.

What do Tournaments involve?

Taekwondo tournaments typically involve two main categories: The categories are Forms and Sparring.

Forms are the movements and their specific sequences. Sparring in tournaments can be either free fight or one step. In contrast, some tournaments include board breaking and weaponry.

If you are interested in viewing Sidekicks Taekwondo forms in action, do so here, via this Sidekicks Forms playlist.

Did GMO ever compete in tournaments?

Yes, Grandmaster Orange actually competed in lot of tournaments back in the day! In fact, he was pretty darn good.  Ask his students, Johnny at Aspire, or any second generation family parents.  They will tell you stories of GMO’s tournament competition days.

Here in the Sidekicks Awards Gallery, you can see some of the accolades that Grandmaster Orange accumulated over the years.  As for GMO himself, he’s too humble to mention anything about it.  We’ll save that for a later post!

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